System Planning Notes
Although it is possible to find less expensive ways to hook up your audio components, Transparent's dedication to musical, technical, and manufacturing precision results in cables of unbeatable value. With a wide range of price points and performance levels, Transparent can make hooking up your audio dream an affordable reality.
How do I know what to choose?
  • Selecting a new system of cables and power products, or upgrading an existing one, is not difficult, but there are a number of factors to consider.
  • As the old adage goes, your system is only as good as its weakest link. Therefore, whenever you are thinking about buying cables, it's important to think about the capabilities of your system now and in the future, so that you don't have to buy twice.
  • Actual auditions at your dealer and at home are the best way to determine appropriate choices.
  • If a dealer visit is not practical, you can read the simple guidelines listed below to help make your search for better sound and a clearer picture more efficient.
  • Download our handy Performance Application Guide that recommends products for systems of different performance levels.
Let your dealer be your guide.
  • While your own ears and eyes are the most essential part of component selection and system building, the best way for you to plan system improvements is to access the training and experience of your Transparent dealer. Working with your local dealer, you can:
  • Your dealer will help you plan the system's expansion and upgrades so that the appearance and comfort of the room remain attractive and inviting to your whole family.
  • With dealer advice, many music and film lovers have installed a level-matched complement of Transparent cables and power conditioning products in their systems and are now experiencing that "special place" they did not realize was possible in their own homes.
Can I make my purchase decision at home, with my own system?
  • Many authorized Transparent dealers offer Transparent Loaner Kits on a variety of levels.
  • Each kit contains a pair of speaker cable, 2 pairs of balanced interconnects, 2 pairs of RCA interconnects, and a digital cable so that you can hear the benefits of hooking up the entire audio system with a set of Transparent Cables.
  • You may want to try several levels at home to determine which Transparent Cables will best serve your needs.
  • If you already own Transparent Cables, try a loaner kit that has cable on a higher level of performance to determine the value of a Transparent Cable upgrade.
How do Transparent cables differ across the range?
  • With each succeeding performance level of Transparent's audio cables, noise is reduced. This helps the cable deliver every nuance of the music more accurately: the timbre of different instruments, the character and size of the performance space, and image focus.
  • Transparent Cable also delivers more bass information, more accurately with each succeeding level, thereby delivering superior bass foundation.
  • The texture of an instrument's sound and its dynamic color are very difficult to reproduce, particularly at mid to lower frequencies. With each succeeding performance level, Transparent Cable is able to transfer these elusive qualities more accurately.
When should I upgrade? Do I need to do it all at once?
  • To hear the full benefits of Transparent Cables, plan on upgrading your entire system with Transparent Cables and Power Products.
  • Since budgets and performance needs differ, we have crafted several levels of performance in our product range. At each level, all of the associated cables have been designed to work together in perfect harmony.
  • Your Transparent Cables do not need to be all the same performance level to achieve Transparent's performance benefits.
  • If you are upgrading your cables over time, start with your source cables first and then upgrade speaker cables. The link between preamp and amplifier can be the third cable path to make Transparent.
  • Any Transparent audio cable at Plus level or above can be upgraded at a future time.
  • Transparent Power products are essential to unleashing all the potential of your system.
  • Any Transparent power cord can be upgraded at a future time.
  • To complete your Transparent Cable needs, use Transparent digital and video cables.
How do I know which level to choose?
  • Meet with your dealer to discuss your current and future equipment, your budget, and the acoustic of your room(s).
  • With your dealer's help and advice, you can put together a well balanced system of Transparent products that will help you achieve new levels of satisfaction and excitement about the performance of your system and provide you with upgrade options in the future.
Would you like some personal advice?
  • Call us at 1-207-284-1100 Monday through Friday between 9am - 6pm (New York City time zone - EST)
  • or email us.

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