HP 10-2 is the appropriate speaker cable choice for better to superior home music and theater systems at lengths up to 60 feet per channel. High Performance 10-2 Speaker Cable has roughly double the number of heavy, tightly twisted OFHC copper strands per conductor when compared to HP 12-2 Speaker cable, thereby increasing its current carrying capability significantly. It has two 10 AWG conductors in a fire retardant, pressure-extruded outer jacket.

For a palpable increase in performance, connect the HP 10-2 cables to the speakers with Transparent 10-2 Bricks. If your speakers each have 2 sets of red and black speaker terminals, use Transparent 10-2 Brick Biwire Networks to deliver your amplifier signal to both sets of speaker terminals.

Transparent 10-2 Speaker Cables are available in a variety of pre-cut lengths from 10-100 feet, ready for you to trim and terminate to fit exactly in your music or theater system.

  • Transparent High Performance 10 AWG Speaker Cables are UL-approved for all inwall or other hidden installations. Use HP 10-2 with music and theater systems that offer better to superior performance through more powerful amplifiers and full range speakers.
  • Transparent High Performance Speaker Cables deliver the utmost in performance at every level of investment through careful design features such as twisted-pair geometry, high-quality outer jackets, and innovative strand/conductor technology.
  • You can confirm that High Performance 10 AWG Speaker Cable is the best choice for your installation by referring here, If you have any questions about choosing the right cable, please give Transparent or your dealer a call.

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