Surge protection and noise filtration should enhance musical and video purity while not altering the personality and dynamic power of music and soundtracks. Most power conditioners add noise and alter the phase of the power signal. Consequently they significantly impede your ability to hear your system at its best.

PowerIsolator Technology conditions and provides surge protection while maintaining the phase of the power, thereby providing you with all the musical and film realism your system can deliver.

". . . the finest-sounding AC power product that I have heard to date. . . . [I saw] improvements to the edge detail, making images look much more 3D . . . black levels were improved . . . colors were perhaps the most improved . . . if you own an expensive video device, it deserves this level of improvement."
— AudioVideo Revolution

"The amounts of resolution and detail increased, my noise floor dropped and the dynamics were more extended and fuller."
— CEPro Magazine

  • Removes noise from line voltage to an astonishing degree, revealing subtle detail and nuance in music and picture.
  • Provides a sense of listening and viewing ease so you can relax and become engulfed in the experience of your favorite music and films.
  • In-phase power ensures natural tonal balance and full dynamic power.
  • No current limiting, allowing the full weight and dynamics of the music to come through.
  • LED indicators for power and protection circuits.
  • LED indicator warns line fault if AC wall outlet is wired incorrectly.

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