Transparent Power Conditioning for All Music and Film Systems
“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is — infinite.”
— William Blake

Transparent's unique non-current-limiting filter technology shuts the door on noise and provides instantaneous protection from surges for all types of music and film systems.
  • Transparent power conditioners fight noise with non-current limiting filter technology.
  • Aluminum casings, epoxy damping, parts selection, circuit topology, and rugged and precise construction techniques reduce electro-mechanical resonances — a type of noise.
  • Removing all types of noise helps every component in your system transfer the drama, majesty and delicacy of the music or film performance captured on your favorite source material.
  • Transparent power conditioning and surge protection do not limit current. Most power conditioning and surge protection components limit current which affects sound and picture quality.
  • Music systems are free to transfer all the musical richness, dynamic power, and musical fluidity your other components can provide.
  • Video components can reveal all the gradations from light to dark, rich coloration, and dimension contained in film source materials.
  • All Transparent power conditioners have PowerIsolator Technology — filter design which controls power factor distortion.
  • Power factor distortion prevents components from drawing the power they need to deliver signals accurately.
  • With ideal power transfer, your system's audio components will sound more natural and relaxed.
  • Ideal power transfer helps audio components reveal more of the subtle texture and tonal shadings of music.
  • Ideal power transfer stabilizes video images and helps to reveal the full vibrancy and range of colors, textures, and tones from the best video source materials.
  • The PowerIsolator Series has the most precise and sophisticated application of PowerIsolator Technology.
  • Rigorous examination of actual performance in Transparent Music and Film studio systems is key to the refinement of all Transparent power conditioning product designs.

Transparent PowerIsolator Series
Redefines the role of power conditioning in system performance.

Transparent PowerWave Series
Noise suppression and instantaneous surge protection for all types of high quality systems.

Transparent PowerBank Series
Compact surge protection for home entertainment systems and stand-alone components.

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