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  • High Performance Ethernet: Network Audio just got a whole lot better. Critical digital connectivity for your LAN.
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  • Reference and XL Power Cord and here and ready to empower your system. Generation 5 advances liberate your system's power, now at the Reference level.
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  • OPUS Power Cord Source is available. This new addition to the OPUS Power Cord lineup offers phenomenal performance with a compact form factor suited for your source components.
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  • The next level has arrived. Transparent celebrates our latest massive technological leap with a limited time Upgrade Initiative Offer. Read all about it!
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  • Transparent report backs from CES 2016 in Vegas.
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  • Transparent Cable is reviewed around the world! Read Lincoln Cheng’s Review of the Magnum Opus in Audio Technique Hong Kong.
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  • Transparent welcomes the new Opus Power Cord to our growing family of Generation 5 Flagships!
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  • Are you ready to upgrade your Home Audio System but aren't sure where to start? Home Audition Kits allow you to experience the improvements cabling a system entirely with Transparent can make to your home Hi-Fi.
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  • The best cables in the world just got better The best audio cables in the world just got better!
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  • Transparent Online Store celebrates its first Anniversary! Transparent Online Store celebrates its first Anniversary!
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  • Factory Certified Pre-Owned Transparent Cables Transparent now offers a Factory Certified Pre-Owned Transparent Cable Program through Authorized Transparent Dealers. Customers who want to purchase pre-owned Transparent Cables can now do so with full confidence of the vintage and condition of the cables they buy.
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  • RefXL Digital Interconnect Transparent's new Reference XL Digital Link earns rave review from Jacob Heilbrunn in the January 2014 issue of "the absolute sound": ". . . inserting [the Reference XL cables] proved to be one of the most flabbergasting experiences I have ever had in the high end. . . . The Reference line did not improve the sound; it took it into another realm."
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  • Transparent's New Online Store Transparent is pleased to offer a wide range of our products through our new online store.
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  • The Transparent Upgrade Program
    Upgrade current or older generation Tranparent Products
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  • Phono Interconnects
    Transparent now offers dedicated phono interconnects at seven performance levels, terminated in RCA, DIN or XLR.
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  • Transparent announces all-new Reference II Digital Cables
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  • HiFi Rev!ew Awards Transparent "Product of the Year" for PowerLink MM2X Power Cord
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  • Transparent earns SIX Editors' Choice Awards from The Abso!ute Sound
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  • The "Big Three" Summit at HiFi House on May 4 and 5 showcased Transparent, Wilson and D'Agostino products, with presentations from the guest designers and recording engineers.
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    Audiophile - Interview with Karen Sumner of Transparent Audio
    by Jerry Del Colliano
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  • Transparent Audio attends RMAF
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    Transparent Audio attends RMAF

  • Transparent hosts release party for new Jimi Hendrix album.
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    Transparent Hosts Jimi Hendrix Event
    On March 8th, Transparent hosted a special CD/DVD release party in conjunction with Maine music retailer Bull Moose Music.

    The new Jimi Hendix album "Valleys of Neptune" is made up of unreleased studio recordings from 1969. The album released worldwide on Tuesday, March 9th, so the people who attended Transparent's event were among the first in the world to hear this music.

    Two special guests gave presentations: Bob Thompson (musician, recording engineer, guitar teacher at University of Maine and Berklee) and Bob Ludwig (one of the finest mastering engineers in the world, founder of Gateway Mastering). Both guests talked about the album and recordings from the 1969 era.
    As a kick-off for the evening, the audience watched a DVD of Hendrix's performance of the National Anthem at Woodstock. The film was shown on Transparent's home theater demonstration system.

    Following the film, Thompson gave an hour-long live demonstration of Hendrix's techniques and artistry, using vintage guitars and special-effects pedals. He deconstructed several familiar Hendrix songs, explaining their structure as well as demonstrating many specific examples of Hendrix's playing prowess.

    Ludwig gave the audience an overview of the entire production flow from recording to mastering to manufacturing. He also recalled aspects of the day he spent with Hendrix in a New York City mastering room, prior to the release of "Electric Ladyland."

    Following the two presentations, the audience listened to the entire album played over Transparent's state of the art Music and Film Studio system. The album contains over an hour of music: Stone Free, Valleys of Neptune, Bleeding Heart, Hear My Train A Comin', Mr. Bad Luck, Sunshine of Your Love, Lover Man, Ships Passing Through the Night, Fire/Red House, and Lullaby for the Summer/Crying Blue Rain.

    More information about “Valleys of Neptune”

  • The Link and The Wave chosen by the abso!ute sound for their "18 Greatest Bargains in High-end Audio
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    Surveying the entire field of components, from analog and digital sources to electronics, cables and loudspeakers, the abso!ute sound's AV Guide has just published their list of the 18 best buys in audio. The Link interconnect and The Wave speaker cable are listed in fifth place out of the 18 winners. The AV Guide editors said,

    "Although we have experience only with Transparent's lower-priced offerings (at the moment), what we've heard has been extremely impressive. The $85 The Link interconnect brings more than a taste of high-end interconnects to an entry-level price. Similarly, the $200 The Wave speaker cable is a bargain, offering superior tonality, wider dynamics, and a more open soundstage. The $105 High-Performance Powerlink AC cable is a vast improvement over stock AC cords, and just might be the most cost-effective upgrade possible in an entry-level system. The Powerwave 8 conditioner is also an extremely cost-effective upgrade, rendering wider dynamics, smoother timbres, and a greater sense of musical involvement."

    The Link interconnect

    The Wave speaker cable

    High Performance PowerLink power cord

    PowerWave 8 power conditioner with Transparent surge suppression

    Visit your nearest Transparent dealer to experience the performance of these products first hand.
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  • Robert Harley visits Transparent
    “The entire vibe was of one big, happy family who loves what they do.”
  • Searching for the Extreme:
    ULTRAaudio Magazine
    Visits Transparent




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