The Transparent Upgrade Program

Everything is upgradeable at Transparent!

  • AUDIO CABLES Upgrade a step at a time from The Link and the Wave up to Opus MM2
  • HDMI CABLES Start with Performance HDMI and upgrade to High Performance or Premium HDMI
  • USB CABLES Start with Performance USB and upgrade to High Performance or Premium USB
  • DIGITAL AUDIO CABLES Upgrade a step at a time from High Performance Toslink up to Reference XL Digital
  • POWER CORDS Start with Performance PowerLink and upgrade a step at a time up to PowerLink MM2
  • POWER CONDITIONERS Upgrade PowerBanks and PowerWaves to the PowerIsolator Series (USA and Canada only)
It's easy and it's comprehensive: With one simple upgrade, you can give your entire music or home theater system a new lease on life even if you are not upgrading other components. And do it without compromising your investment.

Trade in current-spec products to move up one or more performance levels. When owners of older-technology cables and power cords upgrade to the next level, it's like getting two levels of performance upgrade!

All purchases made at Transparent's new online store qualify for the Transparent Upgrade Program.

To learn about the Program visit the Upgrades page on the website. Meet with your nearest authorized Transparent dealer to plan the best and most cost-effective ways to improve your system. Or give us a call - we always love to hear from our customers.

upgrade staircase Ugrade any Transparent audio cable from The
Link and The Wave all the way up to OPUS MM digital cables Upgrade any Transparent USB, 75-ohm, 110-ohm,
or Toslink cable to a higher performing product hdmi cables Upgrade any Transparent HDMI cable to a higher level power cords Upgrade any Transparent power cord to a higher level power conditioners Upgrade any Transparent power conditioner
to a higher performance level


Original Technology 1993 Original Technology 1993 XL Technology 1997 XL Technology 1997 MM Technology 2000 MM Technology 2000 MM2 Technology 2008 MM2 Technology 2008

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