Visit the New Transparent Store!
Visit the new Transparent Store
Transparent is pleased to offer a wide range of our products through our new online store. Now if you need a USB or HDMI cable, an additional interconnect, speaker cables, power cord, or a surge protecting power conditioner, you can conveniently go to The Transparent Store. Transparent is ready to ship most items in the store immediately. Prices start around $100.

While many Transparent products may be purchased through the online Store or from a Transparent dealer, others are available only through your local Transparent dealer. We hope you will visit the store soon to find out what Transparent products are available online.

Transparent offers the products in the Store in partnership with our specialty dealer network. During your shopping experience, we will ask you for the name of your dealer. If you do not have a dealer, Transparent will select a dealer from your region for you. We will let your dealer know about your purchase details so that your dealer can help you with your long range system planning.

Transparent and our expert team of dealers are always ready to help you with your purchase decisions and to assist you in successfully integrating your Transparent purchases into your music or film system. Please feel free to call Transparent at (207) 284-1100, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm EST, or consult your Transparent Dealer for help.

Everything in the store is upgradeable. Whenever you purchase a Transparent product for your audio or home theater system, you automatically qualify to upgrade to a higher-performing Transparent product at any time in the future. When you trade in your original product you will get a generous credit toward the purchase of the new one, thus protecting your initial investment while also making the upgrade speedy and simple. Many customers have planned a succession of improvements this way, beginning at a modest level of investment and working upward to ever-higher levels of performance once they joined the Transparent family. Visit this page for more details.

Enjoy your browsing experience and the convenience of being able to order what you need 24/7 without leaving your home or interrupting your home system music and film experiences!

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