The best audio cables in the world just got better!

Derived directly from the development of MAGNUM OPUS, the new Transparent Generation 5 OPUS, XL, and Reference speaker cables and interconnects represent a huge leap forward. Every aspect of the new Gen 5 Lineup is different form the previous MM2 technology; new cable, new networks, and new network enclosures. There is a much greater portion of musical reality at each performance level in the new Gen 5 series.

NEW OPUS: What we thought was the best, just got much better. New network technology, more tightly controlled cable construction, precise torque tuning of the network enclosure assembly, and superior internal damping take OPUS to another level of "you are there" musical engagement.

NEW XL: The choice is now clear where to go after Reference Audio Cables if OPUS is beyond reach. Generation 5 Technology freed Transparent to take a totally fresh approach to the possibilities of a product that must clearly be an upgrade to Reference while approaching the performance of OPUS, but at a much more affordable price.

NEW REFERENCE: Generation 5 REFERENCE Interconnect and Speaker Cables redefine the meaning of "reference." By design, more intimately connected with your system, the music, and your listening experience, the new REFERENCE Audio Cables provide a path to realize the ultimate potential of your valued investments in the rest of your system.

The number of steps and the precision required to manufacture cables on the GEN 5 level can only be achieved by manufacturing each cable one at a time, by hand to exacting standards. Never before has Transparent been more in control of every detail of the manufacturing process. With GEN 5, you can now realize the full benefit of Transparent's more than 30 years of research and development: a long future lies ahead to enjoy your favorite music at a level of musical realism you previously did not know could exist.

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